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Teacher's Gifts - The 12 Best! (Because we Couldn't Stop at 10!)

The number one rule at the end of the year is, thank the teachers! They have likely spent more time (or just as much time) with your child as you have throughout the school year. Write them a card and if you can, have your child draw them a picture and write a cute note. Our class is giving this fun mad-lib by Imagine Learning to each student to complete. We just changed the top so it works for the end of the year. 

The next rule, definitely get the teacher a gift! He or she deserves it! The best gifts are well thought out, even if it is last minute. If you have time, spend the last few weeks of the school year doing some careful research (otherwise known as stalking). Look at the teacher's style - what does he usually wear? What kind of jewelry does she like - is it classic and simple, or bold and chunky? What colours does he seem to like? Does she drink coffee - it is always out of a Starbucks (or other paper) cup? Spend the next couple of weeks doing your research, so that when the end of school comes, you're prepared with the perfect gift! Need a bit more help, ask the teacher to fill in a Teacher's Favourite Things Survey like this one by Life Sweet Life Blog



Here are a few of our favourite things all of which are teacher approved! 

1. TEACHER Giving Crate - $80+ given as a Class Gift.

For your money to go farthest and include everyone in the gifting, organize a group gift from all the parents/students. This can be way simpler than it seems and it is the nicest way to include everyone, at the level they can afford to give. At Giving Crates we've made it easy by setting up TEACHER Crates as Group Gifts. Just let us know the name of the teacher you'd like to collect for and we'll send you a link that everyone can contribute $10, $15, $20 or more. With just a bit of information (that you collected through your research) we'll put together the most beautifully curated gift crate filled with unique local, eco friendly and fair trade gifts. 

2.  Joco Glass Coffee Cup - $28 or $30

Everyone knows that all teachers drink coffee! Joco Cups are available in every colour under the rainbow and make a great gift. Baristas love them as they are standard coffee cup size - 12oz and 16oz. Teachers will love them as they reduce waste and they will also get a discount every time they fill-up. 

3. Teach, Love, Inspire Necklace - $50

A meaningful necklace is a beautiful way to show your teacher how much of a difference she has made in your life. This one is handmade by Tracey Tomtene in Vancouver, Canada. Giving Keys makes beautiful INSPIRE and DREAM keys as well which are engraved by people transitioning out of homelessness in Los Angeles. 

4. Handmade Heart Mug - $32

The cutest way to show your love is a gorgeous handmade heart shaped mug made by Ann in Vancouver, Canada. This cup will make sure every sip so special and the mug itself will be cherished forever.  

 5. Envirosax Reusable Roll-Up Bags - $6 or $13 

One of the simplest and most practical gifts ever! Roll-up bags will always come in handy and this version is our favourite. With reinforced seems and made to be machine washable, these bags will be well used and well loved for years. 


6. S'well Bottles - $36 or $44 

Anyone that doesn't own a S'well Bottle needs one, especially teachers as they spend all day talking (often talking loudly)! Having cold water close by throughout the entire day is the best part of owning a S'well bottle. Giving Gifts & Company has the best selection of S'well bottles. You'll definitely find one in a favourite colour and design for every teacher. 


7. Handmade Soap - $8

Everyone loves new handmade soap and this one by Sealuxe is our favourite for teachers. Carpe Diem: Seize the Day! You'll show that you are top of class with your Latin skills. 


8. Salted Caramel Popcorn - $9

Made by Batch Sweet Kitchen in Vancouver, Canada this Salted Caramel Popcorn is a truly delicious treat. It comes in a generous-sized bag perfect for sharing, or not! 


9. Chocolate Salted Caramel Marshmallows - $15 

A truly indulgent treat and one of the most delicious things you will ever put in your mouth! With layers of chocolate, salted caramel and soft marshmallow these gourmet treats are a piece of heaven with every bite! 

10. Apple Necklace - $24

An apple is the quintessential teacher's gift and as a cute necklace it is even more perfect! Available in both gold and silver metal to suit every teacher's taste. 


11. Thank You Microgreens Pouch - $10 

This is the perfect gift for the teacher that loves to eat healthy. It is a fun gift and a snack, in one. Just cut off the top of the pouch, add some water and one to two weeks later, you'll be enjoying delicious (and super healthy) micro greens. There is even room to write a message on the back of the package, so no need for a card. 

12. Thank You Chocolate Cone - $17 

These chocolates are delicious! Each cone is filled with 10 large pieces of the best quality chocolate - half Sea Salt Caramel and half Dark Chocolate Truffle. They are fun to unwrap and enjoy, and the perfect way to say thanks for a great year! 



The very best gift teachers get is 2 months off to enjoy the summer! Lucky them!

Let us know if you have any other favourite teacher gift ideas. Especially, ones made by local artists! We'd love to hear about them!

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