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Valentines Day - The 10 Best Gifts for Everyone You Love!

Here at Giving Gifts & Company we love Valentines Day! It's a day to show LOVE - love for your partner, love for your kids and love for yourself. Yes, we know that love for yourself isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think about Valentines Day, but at Giving Gifts, we believe that you should show yourself loving kindness all the time! This Valentines Day get a special gift to remind yourself of the most important type of love - Self-Love. Here are our 10 favourite Valentines Gifts for everyone you love! 

For Your Kids: 

A Rachel Rainbow's Bracelet! 

These adorable bracelets (and clip-on earrings) are far cuter and healthier for your kids than candy and chocolate! Get to know Rachel Moore, the artist behind Rachel Rainbow and you'll instantly fall in love with her and her passion for creating fun and joyful gifts for kids.

Rachel is running a Valentines Bracelet Workshop at Giving Gifts & Company. Join us between 1 and 4pm on Saturday, February 11th and your children can create their own personalized Valentines Day gift! Please RSVP to 


Give a Book! Did you know that Valentines Day is also International Book Giving Day?  

It has become a tradition in our house to give a book to each of the kids for Valentines/International Book Giving Day. I also have the kids clean-up their bookshelves and we donate books to a local inner-city school in need. 

What we're giving: This set of Nursery Rhymes board books by Clare Beaton for Barefoot Books looks so cute on a bookshelf with all their rainbow spines showing! Clare Beaton's felt art is the best! You'll appreciate every page in these books while reading them to your kids. It's a win-win for everyone! 


For Your Boyfriend/Husband: 

Ah, those hard-to-shop for men... Every year, we have the problem of what to get them. This year we are giving them a gift that is just as much for them, as it is for us! Peregrine Beard Oil, moisturizes their face and beard, while ensuring they also smell good enough to kiss!


For Your Girlfriend/Wife: 

Women are so easy to shop for and jewelry, while being a typical gift for Valentines Day, is still the gift that most women prefer. Especially, when it is a unique well-thought out piece of locally made jewelry. Show your love this year with some of our favourite heart-themed and love-themed pieces of jewelry. 

Heart & Love Themed Jewelry! 

Rachel from Laughing Sparrow dropped off lots of unique pieces of sterling silver jewellery for Valentines Day. We have a gorgeous one-of-a-kind LOVE necklace and the cutest tiny heart necklace at the store. You'll need to stop-by and see them in person, as they aren't online yet. Email Lisa at if you'd like more info or want to order online. 

We also love these pink love bracelets! They are hand-knoted and adjustable on the back so they fit everyone. 

Chocohappy Passionate Truffles!

Everyone know that the way to a woman's heart is through chocolate, especially if it is as delicious at Chocohappy passionfruit caramel truffles! How amazing does that sound! Passionfruit caramel layered with dark chocolate truffle dipped in dark chocolate. These are a special edition cone just for Valentines Day, so stop by and grab one before they sell-out.

For Your Mom and Close Friends: 

Love Goat Milk Soap! 

These heart-shaped soaps by Pukalily make the cutest and most practical gift! They are a simple daily reminder of your love. Goat milk soaps are so pure and beautiful to use. They are luxurious and rich and there is LOVE stamped right into them! They are definitely all love! 


For Yourself: 

A Love Mala! 

This gorgeous rose quartz and rosewood mala by Beautiful Nomad serves as a physical reminder of the unconditional love you have for yourself. Rose quartz is the store of unconditional love that purifies and opens the heart at all levels and rosewood is a grounding element. Rosewood instills love, compassion, beauty and grace. We can't think of a better gift to gift yourself than the gift of unconditional love. 



A Heart-Shapped Mug and Locally-Made Tea! 

Golem Designs makes the most beautiful heart-shaped mugs. They are so comfortable and lovely to drink out of and they make tea-time such a special treat. With a heart-shaped mug and delicious local tea, you'll remember to take time for yourself every day. Heart-shaped mugs are currently available in light pink, grey, yellow and red at the store. We definitely love the red mug as a fun hit of colour to brighten even the greyest days. 


For Someone Special: 

A LOVE Giving Crate! 

Giving Crates are all one-of-a-kind and created with love at Giving Gifts & Company. They are like getting the best of our store in a handmade wooden box! They always filled with the best locally made gifts and treats. We'd love to create a Giving Crate for that special person in your life.  Valentines Day should be celebrated with a gorgeous gift, so treat someone special to a beautiful gift crate this Valentines Day! 


Valentines Cards: 

You'll find every type of Valentines Card you can imagine at Giving Gifts & Company! The best part, is that they are all created by local artists. Forget those brand-name cards to show your love and pick-up a card that is far more personal. We guarantee that you'll get a smile, and likely a kiss or two too! Here are a few that we are giving this year: 

We could go on and on! There are so many Valentines ideas at the store, that we set-up a display table full of them so you'll have lots of ideas. Here are a few more of them online. Do you have other favourite Valentines Gifts? We'd love to hear about them! 

Thanks for Giving Gifts this Valentines Day! 




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