Lisa Loves

Lisa Loves: i see you. i am you.

Lisa Loves: i see you. i am you.

i see you. i am you. is the most perfect title for Casey-Jo’s debut book. If the name Casey-Jo is familiar, it’s because you’ve heard her as an afternoon show host on 102.7 The Peak.  She’s an award winning broadcaster and with the accolades her book is receiving, soon to be a bestselling author too.

This must-have book is a collection of poems, written by Casey-Jo over the span of four years. Her poems touch on everything, from love to heartbreak, loneliness and depression to the incredible joy of living. Each poem is so raw and real, a glimpse into Casey-Jo’s heart and soul. It is as if, she rips her heart out and hands it to us on a platter so that we may mirror her vulnerability and see ourselves far more openly and honestly than we ever have before. You’ll find pieces of yourself in these pages. You’ll find that Casey-Jo’s words touch a deep part of your subconscious, a part that is buried under so many layers that you've never accessed it before.

This is the book our generation needs. Get a copy for yourself, one for your mom, your best friend and for the person you know that is struggling and could use a hand. Get this book if you are ready to open a window to a whole new level of vulnerability and with that, deep humility and healing. i see you. i am you. touches that sweet spot that will break you open and force you to look inside yourself. Spend a few minutes a day reading a poem or two, or sit down with a cup of tea or glass wine and weep (and laugh) your way through the entire book, either way there is something touchingly beautiful and life changing in Casey-Jo’s words.  She sees you. She is you.

Casey-Jo's Words: 

this is for you the ones who saved my life,
a collection of heartbeats
for the hopeful and the heartbroken
the one who wants to have it all together
but chronically falls apart
the one who holds this book
must be quite similar to my pen
even though its ink was coated with thick doubt
for far too long.

“i see you. i am you.”
explores breaking up with comfort zones
and deep throating vulnerability.
reference these pages when you need
loving reminders;
comfort when you feel the loss of love & heartache.
seek these moments when you feel
you can’t breathe,
you’re tired of society’s seven-second attention span,
and social media & the comparison game has you shook.

we won’t shy away from mental health,
life’s suffering, and the not-so-secret pain.
we are curious to mindfulness and our breath.
we are no strangers to growth.

invite yourself to put your phone on airplane mode
and venture into the comforting unknown.
soak up these revelations,
the worldly observations
that nurture our ability to relate to each other
and perhaps even realize that
through the healing power of these life-affirming moments
we are more alike than we may first even see.

Available at Giving Gifts - 4570 Main Street, Vancouver - $29.95, or order online.

Artist Story: Angela of Gabriel's Light

Artist Story: Angela of Gabriel's Light

What inspired the name of your business?
The name Gabriel's Light was inspired by a beloved friend and client of mine, Kiana.  She helped me to see the Light...Archangel Gabriel was a huge presence in Kiana's healing sessions with me.  I wanted to honour both Kiana and Archangel Gabriel by branding this product line, Gabriel's Light.

Angela Gabriel's Light
What is the story behind why you started your business?
As a Pranic Healer, I was inspired to start a line of products that would help my clients to maintain their healings longer so that they wouldn't have to come in for sessions as often. There is a vast selection of products that I can recommend to them depending on their needs.
Gabriel's Light Sprays
What is the dream that you wish to fund through your business?
To date, I have kept reinvesting in Gabriel's Light Products to keep improving them to suit the needs of those who use them.  

What are you most proud of about your business?
I am most proud of the way my company has been run as only the highest quality of ingredients are used.  Quality and integrity have always been number one.  
Gabriel's Light Products
How have you grown as a person as a result of your business?
I see that I have grown as a person and it feels so wonderful to be part of helping others to heal.  I don't take this for granted and am always in gratitude and awe of all the support that I continue to be shown. 

What difference does your art make in your life?
It makes a big difference in my life as I feel I am reaching so many different groups of people by having products for every age group and level of understanding when it comes to alchemy, essential oils and skin care.

If you could say one thing to the person that buys and enjoys your art, what would it be?
My wish is that everyone who uses Gabriel's Light Products enjoys them and knows that they have been made with the utmost care and integrity to promote healing on all levels.
Gabriel's Light Roll-on
Why do you love being a part of Giving Gifts?
I love being a part of Giving Gifts because I believe in everything the business stands for.  I do almost all my gift shopping here because I enjoy promoting local artists as well as supporting Lisa and her incredible store!

Why we love having Gabriel's Light at Giving Gifts:
Angela brings a beautiful energy into the store whenever she comes by to drop off her products. This energy also comes through in her line of essential oil roll-ons, sprays and body care products. We love how she has something for everyone, whether you feel the need to cleanse your energy, change your vibrations, or bring good things to yourself or someone you love. Check out Angela's line of products here and if you live in Vancouver, be sure to come by and experience them yourself! We have testers of everything for you to try.
White Light Spray