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Artist Profile - Bayoush Mengesha of Devi Arts Collective

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello! I am Bayoush Mengesha and I am the owner and operator of Devi Arts Collective. Devi Arts Collective is an ethical lifestyle brand that collaborates with artisans around the world. 

Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I love art, connecting and empowering women. I love to travel and have met some amazing artisan's along the way. Devi Arts Collective allows me to be a creative artisan myself, while collaborating with the talented artisans I work with that cut the gemstones for the jewellery I make and weave the fabric I use in my designs. 

When did you start and how has your business changed over time? 
Devi Arts Collective started in 2014. Over the past two years, we have expaned our offerings to include jewellery, home decor and fashion forward accessories that feature ethical handmade raw materials. Keep checking back. We have some lovely things instore for you. 

How do you like to work and what does your workspace look like? 
I love my studio space. I have been fortunate enough to have a space I work in that is my own. I have personalized with my favorite things. 
What inspires you in your art? 
Nature, my travels and my loved ones are what inspires me. 

What is one thing you love?
My passion in life is travelling and connecting with people around the world. I belive in the human spirit and connection. It's the most inspiring thing to me. 
What is your favourite piece you create and why? 
Right now I am very much into the orbit ring's I am making. I love the design and the  versatility of the pieces. 
What is one thing you need in order to be successful at what you do? 
What has helped me is being organized and writing everything down in my planner/notebook. The more organized I am the more productive I can be.

What do you like being part of Giving Gifts & Company? 
I love being part of meticioulsy currated collection of artisans. I met Lisa when I first was first starting out. She has been a great supporter of Devi Arts Collective.  
Words of advice to other artists entrepreneurs? 
Keep an open mind and follow your own voice. Don't be afraid to be unique.  
I love Bayoush's entire line! From her jewelry to her clutches and bags, there is really something for everyone. My absolute favourite pair of earrings (the ones I am wearing while I write this) are gold and clear beads made by Bayoush. I saw them the day she first brought them into the store and left wearing them that same day. The Devi Arts Collective Line is a bit boho and a bit ethnic and all around awesome! Stop by the store to see each piece in person, or shop some of her collection online here. 

A Few Things I Believe...

Inspired by Danielle's Laports's Post: I think we're obsessed with protein, and sunscreen and sameness. A few things I believe...

Danielle ends her list saying that "every time we ask, What do you believe? we begin a freedom song." 

Here is my freedom song. A list of what I believe:  

I believe that we often create our own pain and our own joy and that it is very hard in the moment of hurt to turn from pain to joy, but it is possible. 

I believe that everyone deserves to be spoiled.

I believe that everyone deserves to be happy. That feeling of pure joy and happiness that comes from feeling free.

I believe that my partner has been part of me forever and that the universe is smiling at us when we are our best selves together. 

I believe in the beauty of dreams. 

I believe in beautiful gifts. I believe in LOVE. That beautifully pure love what happens when you completely open your heart to someone.  

I believe that each of us is a special spark/soul/spirit/nashama (choose your word).   

I believe that creativity takes courage and that we stop ourselves short of what we can accomplish when we give up too easily or convince ourselves otherwise.

I believe that we are worth it! I believe that self-care, self-love, self-compassion are the most important things our world needs right now. 

I believe in the power of words and empowering thinking and that we create our own possibilities. 

I believe in reiki and yoga and healing energy. 

I believe that the universe is conspiring with us. 

I believe that we are our happiest best selves when we give - when we give to others and give to ourselves. 

I believe in the power of genuine gratitude.

I believe in the power of generosity.  

I believe in taking care of what we love - those around us and the world that supports us. 

I believe in miracles. 

I believe in living with our eyes wide open and being socially and environmentally conscious. 

I believe that we are all powerful - each and every one of us is a powerful force capable of affecting the universe and changing the world.   

I believe that we're obsessed with protein, but we are harming our world when we rename meat protein. Meat is meat.    

I believe it takes strength to feel deeply. 

I believe that nature heals. 

I believe that fear is the root of most problems in the world. 

I believe in magic. 

I believe that things work out the way they are meant to and that there is a reason for it all. 

I believe in shopping local, fair trade and handmade. 

I believe that children have beautiful energies that heal.

I believe in community. 

I believe in Giving Gifts

What do you believe? 


A Love Letter to My Business

A Love Letter to My Business

This post was inspired by a challenge from Sandra Yancey, Founder of eWomen Network to write a love letter to our business.


Dear Giving Gifts & Company,

I’d like to express my gratitude to you for bringing me immense joy. You instill in me a sense of pride and love every day. You’ve made my smile a lot brighter and my worry lines a little deeper, but every single day, I fall deeper in love with you.

You started with an idealist spark of creativity that has turned into something far bigger and far closer to my heart than I ever could have imagined. We have been through a lot together - ups and downs, downs and ups - and through it all, you have shown me a glimpse of my strength and determination, as well as my love and passion. You have filled a piece of my heart (and time) that I didn’t know was missing, and I am a far greater person with you in my life.

You have taught me that I am brave enough, strong enough, smart enough and stubborn enough to fight for you every single day in order to ensure that you succeed. 

Thank you for changing and growing with me and for standing by my side, especially through the challenges and hard times these past few years. My deepest thank you for being the one place in this world I can always run to for comfort when I feel lost. And, as you know, I’ve done my fair share of running. Thank you for greeting me with ‘open doors’ ready to start a new day, welcome new people, smile at returning customers and change the world, one gift at a time. 

I promise to keep loving and investing in you and most of all, to keep fighting for you because you are far too special to me, and everyone else that loves you, to ever give up on. I look forward to a lifetime of watching you grow and flourish. I'm excited to be part of your future where you will continue to shine joy and spread love as I stand humbly in the shadow of your glow.

Forever and always, you will have my love, commitment and dedication, 

Lisa Pozin
Founder & Owner, Giving Gifts & Company & Giving Crates