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Boom Boom Cards!


I just posted my new favouritest (I don't think that is a word - but I'm using it) product ever - Boom Boom Cards! Boom Boom Cards are decks of 26 cards each one with a different intentional act of kindness, like buy a coffee for a stranger, or call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time, or write a letter to someone that inspired you. You do the card, login online and write the details, (you can post a photo or video) and then pass on the card to someone else (your mom, a friend, a stranger), then you track the card as it moves around the world. Be kind, Track it Online!

There are four editions - Original (adults), Teen (no money involved - school oriented) , Family and Green. All editions come with 26 cards for $12. The family edition comes with a game board (made from the box), stickers and discussion questions so you can talk about your acts of kindness and recognize the difference your family has made. The Family Edition is $16.

Follow this link to read more!

Product Reviews Needed

I would love to add some product reviews to my website. So if you have bought a Giving Gifts product and love it, like it, or hate it - let me know! Please send me a couple lines to post on my site so that I can let others know what you think. My email address is 

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