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Start the New Year with Kindness!


Start the New Year with a challenge - challenge yourself to do 26 acts of kindness.

Boom Boom Cards are acts of kindness cards. Each deck comes with 26 cards, each with a different nice thing that you can do for someone else. Do the card, write about it online (Boom Boom has a great website) and then pass the card on to someone else so they can do it to (and track it online too.) You can watch your cards as they travel around the world, helping people, one kind act at a time. There is a Boom Boom Deck for everyone! There is a deck for families, a deck for adults, a deck for teens and a green deck with acts for the environment.

$12 (Original, Teen, Green) $16 Family Deck

Here is a review posted on Giving Gifts!

Best "re-gift" of the year  by Nancy from Kitchener,ON

"Boom Boom cards take the art of "re-gifting" to a mindful level! Quite by accident, I stumbled across these cards which became our family gift this year for ourselves and for a few close friends and family who can now share the fun of giving a gift that truly grows the more you give it away! I love that you can track how far your card travels and see how one simple, mindful act can make an impact as it changes hands and is re-played by someone new perhaps a world away. If you are looking for a meaningful way to contribute to life and share your creativity and bounty with others, Boom Boom cards might be the only gift you ever really need!"


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