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Lisa Loves! - Mother's Day Gifts!

I have no idea what I'm getting for Mother's Day this year but I'm hoping that it is something eco-friendly (of course), responsibly made (you knew that was coming) and I'd love something special that I wouldn't usually buy for myself but also something practical that I'll use all the time. Here are my top 5 picks from Giving Gifts for Mother's Day 2012. 

  1. Envirosax Bags! Every mom will appreciate these super-practical roll-up bags that she can throw in her purse. They look gorgeous, they are really high-quality, machine washable, can hold 44 pounds (that's a 5-year old child - if she ever got that desperate.) Envirosax Bags are the one gift that every mom will use all-year round for many, many years to come. Every time she saves a plastic bag at the grocery store, she'll think about you! 
  2. A S'well Bottle! This is Oprah's favourite bottle which means your mom will love it too! They are double-walled insulated and will keep beverages cool for hours, or hot for hours if her beverage of choice is coffee or tea. Every time she drinks hot coffee in the middle of the day, she'll be thanking you!
  3. Garden Markers! Made from bombs in Laos, the story behind these herb garden markers is too cool! Garden-loving moms will appreciate this thoughtful gift that gives back to so many. 
  4. A Great Book! My Mama Earth is a beautiful story that begins "my mama wakes the Eastern Sun and weaves her magic till day is done" The illustrations are gorgeous, with the mother hidden in each page. This is a hardcover book mom's will treasure forever as it beautifully illustrates the love between a mother and child and celebrates the beauty of the natural world. 
  5. Nkuku Cups and Bowls! These are gorgeous hand-painted, food-safe stainless steel cups and bowls that are loved by all women.  I've never carried a product that so many woman love. For mom's that like entertaining, the bowls are perfect for condiments and nuts/chocolates and the cups are gorgeous for flowers. For mom's that work in an office, the bowls and cups are beautiful on a desk to hold paperclips and pushpins and pens and pencils. All mom's will love these cups and bowls that are not only practical but beautiful as well. 
Here's a link to the Giving Gifts Mother's Day Gift Guide for 2012

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