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Whenever I order a new product, I'm hesitant to take one for myself until I see the reaction from customers. There are lots of reasons I've come up with, including;  it is always nice to know that I sold a few first (that makes me feel good about it) and I don't want to take the most popular colour and I try to be eco-friendly and only buy what I really need, etc.. But after a few weeks, I usually give in, and it is funny, I always end up loving the product even more than I originally thought I would! It happened with Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snackbags - read about my experience here. We now have 6 snackbags that we use daily. It is complete love! And today it happened with S'well Insulated Bottles!

I've been eyeing S'well bottles since they came in. Each time I was tempted to take one, I talked myself out of it with the thought that I'd be taking the colour the next customer wanted. Of course, the next customer would always choose a different colour than the one that I'd been thinking about. Well, today I placed an order for more S'well bottles, including one of each colour of the new matte bottles and I decided that it was finally my chance to get one. After all, I have been using my daughter's waterbottle for months. I left my Earthlust bottle at someone's house and the owners of the home have not returned it. (Really, if someone left such a gorgeous waterbottle at my house, I might not return it either!) Sharing a waterbottle with a 2 year is pretty gross most of the time and often left me without a waterbottle when she was at programs. 

So today was the day I fell in love with S'well! This bottle is amazing, completely amazing! I put cold water from the fridge in it this morning and left it in my car for 4 hours. It was actually very hot in Vancouver today, surprising because most of June has felt like January! After my morning run, I opened the bottle and was shocked that it really was cold, cold-cold, like fridge COLD! The outside of the bottle didn't transfer the cold which added to the shock. (I guess that is the point of double-walled insulation.) I was holding a warm bottle but the water inside of it was completely cold! I love cold water and am always disappointed drinking water on hot days from waterbottles. The water is just lukewarm when I really want it to be cold. For anyone that freezes waterbottles, puts ice cubs in waterbottles, so it will be cold at lunchtime, or comes up with another inventive technique for cold water... a S'well bottle is made for you!  If you live somewhere hot, if you like to hike or lie on a beach and sunbathe, if you like running or biking and drinking cold water, S'well bottles will amaze you! The water in my S'well bottle was just as cold as the water from my fridge for the entire day. I actually found myself drinking out of the S'well bottle when it was on my counter as it was more convenient that opening the fridge and pouring a glass of water, and just as cold. Because of the price, some people will think it is a little bit of an extravagance to buy for yourself (although trust me, once you've used one you'll think it is worth any price and you'll consider buying another for hot beverages), but really they make an amazing gift. I'm going to give a red bottle to my mother (it is her favourite colour) and I can see her falling in love with it the same way I did. It is perfect for anyone that would enjoy drinking cold water throughout the day in the summer (ie: all of us!) 

S'well also makes smaller bottles that would be awesome for kids. If you want to send your child with cold water (or milk) to camp, so they can cool off in the middle of the day, a S'well bottle is perfect. They are also perfect if you would like something smaller to throw into your purse or bag.  
Get a S'well bottle for summer, I guarantee you'll think it's Swell!  


Jun 29, 2012

Hey Julie, Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, I was trying to carry too many items when I got out of my car yesterday and my S’well bottle dropped from my arms onto the street. It got a tiny dent on the bottom. You need to turn it upside down to see the dent and even then it is barely noticeable. A red S’well bottle kept falling off my display at Car Free day a couple of weeks ago. It must have fallen off the table and hit the road 4 times. It got tiny (really tiny) marks in the finish. They looked like little silver specks. I gave the bottle to my mom and she didn’t notice – even when I pointed it out to her. You really needed to look at it closely to see anything. From my couple of experiences dropping S’well bottles, I think they hold up very well and definitely won’t break, but depending on the angle, may dent or hurt the finish a bit.

Jun 29, 2012

How drop proof is this water bottle? Will it just get dented or will it break? Thanks in advance!

Julie Seaborn
Jun 22, 2012

Well this time I definitely took the colour the next (or next next) customer wanted! Sorry Kathe – I hope your green one arrives in time for your trip.

Jun 21, 2012

Cool sounding bottle. Like the coldness aspect, but wondering how practical it would be for running with (in a handheld water bottle holder on my long runs). Maybe the small size? I’ll bring the holder to Van city and test it out.
And who says I don’t read this thing :)

Justin Pozin

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