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$5 Gave 6 Times with Boom Boom Cards!

I've been selling Boom Boom Cards at Giving Gifts - since I started my online store, 2.5 years ago. I thought Boom Boom Cards were the greatest right when I heard about them and have played a card or two before. I've even used the Teen Deck a few times with classes of Grade 7 students. In December 2012, I attended a Business Building Workshop with Coach Kyle from Action Coach. He bought 40 packs of Boom Boom Cards from me, one for each person who attended his workshop. What a great gift, eh! I attended and got my very own deck of Boom Boom Cards. As soon as I received the package I made the commitment that I would do them in 2013 and blog about them at Giving Gifts. Well, it is almost the end of January and with 26 cards in a deck, I figured I'd better get started!


The first card is a great one to start on. My friend, Yehuda owns a great coffee shop in Vancouver, Room for Cream. Every Sunday morning I go there and a friend buys me my favourite drink, a chai latte. It is has become a tradition that I really look forward to. This morning I decided that today was the day! I brought $5 with me and left it with Yehuda so that I could buy the next customer that came in a drink of their choice. He sent me an email an hour later saying that the next customer was so excited that she bought a drink for the next customer and the customer after that bought a drink for the next customer! Three people bought drinks for the next person in line. There was even enough change left to buy the 5th person that came in a free drink! What a great way to start the day! One Boom Boom Card impacted 6 people this morning and it hasn't even been passed on yet!

I think this may become my new Sunday morning tradition. A chai with a friend that is passed along to create a chain of kindness every week.

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Jan 28, 2013

I think this is a great idea. I saw that this was being done somewhere back East during Christmas but why wait until the holidays to ‘pay it forward’. I’m going to start doing this. Thanks for the idea Lisa.


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