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31 Bits - The Most Beautiful Jewelry made from Recycled Paper in Uganda

I can't tell you how much I love my 31 Bits bracelet! It is bright and cheerful and super-stylish and best of all it is made from recycled paper by women in Uganda!

31 Bits is empowering women to rise above poverty. They believe that business is one of the most powerful and sustainable approaches to turning scarcity into abundance, and eventually, alleviating poverty completely. They are currently working with 108 women in Gulu, Uganda. They purchase jewelry from each woman on a monthly basis, providing them with an immediate, consistent, and fair income. By selling these products on the international market, they are able to generate a profit that is used to provide the women with numerous development programs, equipping them to develop a career and attain social equity on a local level. They are committed to working with each woman until she has graduated from they program and attained a sustainable means of income within her own community.

I can't possibly think of anything more giving than that! Give one to yourself, give one to your mom, to your sister, to your daughter and to your best friend. Everyone deserves a very special bracelet and/or necklace made out of paper!

Stacking bracelets. Pick your favourite colours and stack them!


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