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Artist Profile: Cheri Arome

Artist Profile: Cheri Arome

What inspired the name of your business?
My name is Michelle, but people have called me Cheri since I was young. I found out Cheri means 'sweet or sweetheart' in French, so I put together 'sweet' and 'aroma' together in French to create the name Cheri Arome.

What is the story behind why you started your business?
I used to have healthy skin until I had a really bad reaction to a big brand cosmetic. My skin became very dry and started to react to all the store bought products that I tried. I used eczema cream but it felt really oily and didn't absorb into my skin. I suffered for a month and started looking at using natural ingredients for my skin. When my skin became healthy again, my friends started to ask me to make some products for them. This inspired me to launch my business!

 Cheri Arome
What are you most proud of about your business?
Seeing natural ingredients work for my customers. I love hearing that their skin problems have improved after using my products.

How have you grown as a person as a result of your business?
I started this lifestyle to solve my own skin problem naturally, which led me to help other people with my own business. Through the process of growing my business, I have learned to be focused and patient.
 Cheri Arome

What difference does your art make in your life, and your family's life?
Now my family and friends ask me for natural solutions before they buy store products. All of us are trying to use fewer chemicals and go green.
If you could say something to the person who buy/enjoys your art, what would it be?
Thank you for supporting local businesses and thank you for letting us take care of your skin.

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