Artist Coaching with Lisa


6 Month Coaching Program with Lisa, Founder & Owner of Giving Gifts

From Vision to Values: a complete business and life coaching program for artists and creatives seeking to create the life of their dreams. 

Each month we be centred around a theme with lessons and activities focused on making a living creating art, doing what you love, and achieving all your dreams. 


What is included:

- Monthly intention setting emails so that you set your focus for each month. Each email will also include a lesson on the theme for the month and an activity to go with it. I will be your accountability partner checking-in to make sure you are staying with your intentions.

- Weekly accountability emails with a teaching and an activity each week so that you can celebrate your wins and keep clear focus on the actions you need to take in order to grow into the person you need to become in order to live your dreams. These weekly emails are crucial to keeping you on track.

- Twice a month 45-minute coaching calls where we go deep into your dream. They are completely personalized and tailored just for you. If needed, they will include email follow-up conversations with teachings to help you keep focused and leaning in deeper to growth.

- Email access to Lisa. You’ll have a partner in believing and someone to help make business decisions and give you feedback.

- One in person (or Zoom) session where we will go over branding, strategies and actions you can take to move your business forward more quickly. This will collapse the time it takes to achieve your dream.  (This is new and I’m excited to offer it!) 

Working with a mentor is essential when achieving your dream. You need to work with someone who believes in you and can hold 100% faith in you, even when you don’t have faith in yourself. You’ll have someone with their eyes on your dream, keeping you focused on how amazing you are now and the incredible places you are headed. You’ll have someone that can hold you accountable to your dream and accountable to keep taking actions to get there, and you’ll have someone that will call you out on your unaware thinking and speaking, so that every thought will help you achieve all that you desire. Lisa has been studding at the highest level available with her mentor for over two years and has run Giving Gifts for almost 10 so she knows what it takes to go after what you really want and achieve it!

Lisa’s goal for Giving Gifts is empower artists to thrive doing what they love. Over the years, she's worked with 100s of artists. Working with a coach is a fun way to keep learning and growing and leaning more deeply into living a life you truly love. 

Bonus: Half price to the Giving Gifts retreat in February on Bowen Island. We’ll have a one-day transformational coaching retreat for Giving Gifts artists and other artists that would like to take part. All coaching clients will receive the retreat at half price. 

Lisa Pozin