Boom Boom

You might be asking yourself, “Why the heck should I buy these cards? I do this stuff already.” And the answer is, you don’t have to! You may already consider yourself a spreader of guerilla goodness without the cards and we think that’s great. In fact, we commend and salute your efforts and to you we say, “Carry on!”

On the other hand, you may be a spreader of guerilla goodness who is intrigued by these cards. You might be thinking, “Yeah I do this stuff…but it wouldn’t hurt to have a reason to do it more.” Or maybe you’re thinking, “I try to do this stuff, but I sometimes forget, these cards could totally help me out.” Or maybe you just like the term, “Agent of Altruism” and you’re thinking, “Yes! I totally wanna be one of those.”

Whatever your mindset, there are a lot of good reasons to buy the cards, the foremost being that once you buy them you become a part of a community of like minded people who are as passionate and as excited as you are about making this world a better place. You get to read cool posts, comment on them and have access to the networking portion of the website where you can friend people, become a fan and have fans of your own. You not only get to play and post your Boom Boom! Cards on the site, you also get to be a part of “Everyday Boom Boom!”, update your status with, “Say Something Good”, as well as contribute to the “Good Stream”.

As a member of the Boom Boom! Community, you not only get to watch the Revolution unfold before your eyes, you get to be IN it. How cool is that?

And there’s more! Check this out: when you register your deck, you get to choose a charity for which you will “play” you cards and we will donate 5% of profits to that charity. In addition, Boom Boom! Cards also gives another 5% to our charity partner, iSpot Compassion. Yes, with Boom Boom! you can be nice, twice.