Eco Friendly Shipping

I am not big on driving just for the sake of driving and often try to find creative ways to deliver purchases without using a vehicle (at least one powered by gas!) Most packages delivered by Canada Post are dropped off while on a walk with my dog and children - we go for a walk every afternoon around 4pm with packages. I also mail a lot of packages while picking my son up from school. I am very lucky - there is a Canada Post right beside his school! Here are some of the other eco friendly ways orders have been delivered: 

1. My brother and I ran 4 Yubo lunchboxes to a customer. We put the lunchboxes in the basket underneath the stroller, his son Jacob rode in the stroller and we ran to deliver the lunchboxes. Lucky for me, my brother did all the stroller pushing! 

2. A customer from Surrey ordered 3 Yubo lunchboxes and I was going to deliver the next time I visited a friend nearby. Even better, we realized that her parents work at the SPCA, just a few blocks from my home. Sadie, my dog and I, took a walk with the lunchboxes and delivered them to her parents at work. That evening she had them in Surrey as her parents were coming over for a visit. She was thrilled, I was thrilled and my dog, Sadie was thrilled! It worked out perfectly for everyone! 

3. While on a bike ride with my husband, we stopped along the way to drop off a package at a new post-office I've never been to (luckily for me they are all over the place in Vancouver). The package was filled with Dabbawalla items - a backpack and a lunchbag for two lucky kids!