31 Bits  - River Skipper Necklace
31 Bits

31 Bits - River Skipper Necklace

Dive into the depths of the ocean with our River Skipper necklace. A perfect mix of statement and classic, this necklace features a simple 14k gold-filled chain suspending two of our hand-crafted paper beads in jewel tones that would make a pirate look twice. Available in grey/denim and red/turquoise.

Gives To:

Women in Uganda: 31 Bits is a business using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty. They believe that business is one of the most powerful and sustainable approaches to turning scarcity into abundance, and eventually, alleviating poverty completely.

They are currently working with 108 women in Gulu, Uganda. They purchase jewelry from each woman on a monthly basis, providing them with an immediate, consistent, and fair income. By selling these products on the international market, they are able to generate a profit that is used to provide the women with numerous development programs, equipping them to develop a career and attain social equity on a local level. They are committed to working with each woman until she has graduated from they program and attained a sustainable means of income within her own community.

The Environment: Each piece of jewelery from 31Bits is made from 100% recycled paper and other local materials.

Children Around the World:  Giving Gifts donates to local and international charities that benefit children. 

You: 31 Bits necklaces and bracelets are gorgeous fashionable pieces of jewelry that support an incredible cause. Look great and do good at the same time!