Aslan Chai
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Aslan Chai

Ground from whole spices. No syrup. No powder.

Not being satisfied with syrup and powder-based mixes Aslan made his own version of spicy masala chai to be made traditionally: in a pot. His goal was a perfect balance of sweet to spice and after serving the first few batches at local markets, it took on a new destiny. Aslan Chai was born.

Each pouch is filled with 90g of chai which can make up to 16 drinks. Add 2-4 tsp’s of chai and milk, water or both, into a pot. Place the pot on high heat for 5 minutes or until just before it boils and strain into a mug. Enjoy!

Makes up to 16 servings

Spicy Chai
The original classic.

Sleepy Chai
Spicy Chai with Egyptian Chamomile. Enjoy this herbal tea at night to calm yourself and slowly drift to sleep.

Spicy Chi No Sugar
Same Spicy Chai you love without the sugar. Add your own sweetener and control the levels.

Other fun ideas for your chai:

  • Use Aslan Chai as a base and add more spices, black tea, coconut oil or coffee.
  • Bake cookies, loaves, muffins, shortbread and more.
  • Marinate chicken or use in a curry. Push your limits.
  • Infuse in Kombucha, cider or liquid soap. Or Make a bar of soap.