Aston Baby Shoes - Gold
Aston Baby

Aston Baby Shoes - Gold

    The best baby shoes for babies 0-18 months that are timeless, practical and beautiful. Designed around the needs of a baby’s feet, they promote natural, healthy foot development. They are a design that caters to parents too – a shoe that’s easy to get on but hard for baby to get off. Perfect for scooting to crawling, cruising to tottering and walking to running, whether indoors or out, it’s a classic style that is practical for moms and little ones, and lovingly crafted to last.

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    Local Artist: These shoes are designed in Vancouver by mom, Rebecca. We love the design and quality of these baby shoes and are proud to feature them in our Giving Gifts & Company store. 

     You'll love these Aston Baby shoes! The leather is so soft and they are made to last.