Baby Body & Face Serum
Modern Hippie

Baby Body & Face Serum

This Baby Body Serum is versatile a moisturizer designed for your baby's sensitive skin.  Use as a daily moisturizer on face and body, to sooth irritated skin, or for baby massages! This Baby Body Serum is mildly scented with lavender essential oil, which is said to be very calming and help with sleep.

It's made from 100% natural oils and is free of artificial fragrance and preservatives.

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E oil, lavender essential oils.

Gives To:

Your Health and the Environment: Handmade with all natural ingredients this baby serum is good for the environment and your baby! 

Local Artists: Modern Hippie is made by a local artist in Vancouver, BC that we are proud to feature in our Giving Gifts & Company store. 

You'll love how gentle this baby body & face serum is!