Blue Fluorite on Rose Gold Necklace
Blue Trimble Designs

Blue Fluorite on Rose Gold Necklace

Juggle your busy life with composure and grace while wearing this unique necklace. Fluorite brings order to chaos and helps you stay calm, cool and collected for those overwhelming days. It also brings clarity of thought to its wearer, for moments when you need to make decisions with the head, instead of the heart.

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A Local Artist: Blue Trimble Designs creates one-of-a-kind items, popular favourites and custom pieces with bold crystals, natural elements and beautiful detailing. Each piece is carefully handcrafted using quality components and locally sourced materials wherever possible. Blue Trimble Designs is the creative venture of Vancouver, BC based jewelry maker Ann Glauser.

You! You'll feel great wearing a unique locally designed piece of jewellery, and the elegant simplicity of Blue Trimble Design's pieces will be sure to catch some attention.