Boom Boom Cards - Original Edition
Boom Boom Cards - Original Edition
Boom Boom Cards - Original Edition
Boom Boom Cards - Original Edition
Boom Boom Cards - Original Edition
Boom Boom Cards - Original Edition
Boom Boom

Boom Boom Cards - Original Edition

Be Kind, Track it Online! Boom Boom Cards are an Intentional Act of Kindness Kit! 

Become a Card Carrying Member of the Boom Boom Revolution! 

With Boom Boom cards you can change the world in four easy steps!  This is an intentional act of kindness kit. With this set of 26 cards, you'll find yourself picking up someone else's tab at a restaurant, writing a letter to someone who inspired you, picking up the trash on your street, giving genuine compliments and so much more! The coolest thing about Boom Boom! cards is that you can create a chain reaction of covert kindness that could travel around the world!

How to Boom Boom!

1) Do the revolutionary act of kindness on the card.

2) Go to and create a profile, login your unique card and deck number and tell your story. (You can also upload pictures and videos.)

3) Pass the card on to anyone (a friend, a stranger, your mom).

4) Follow your card on the website's map as it moves across the globe!


Boom Boom Kit Includes:

26 Boom Boom! Cards designed for busy adults that want to make a difference
Sticky Note Pad
Mini Pencil
Canvas Carrying Sack


Gives To: 

The Environment - Cards are made of 30-100% post consumer recycled paper in the USA. You'll also be doing lots of great act for the environment, like picking up trash with these cards.

A Charity of your Choice - 5% of Boom Boom's profits are donated to the charity of your choice when you register your deck. 

iSpot Compassion - a non-profit organization to encourage young people to create projects and become involved in programs that benefit charities.

Carli's Kids - Giving Gifts donates to help build the new Abetavu Village for street kids in Uganda.

Everyone! - You'll be part of a revolution to help change the world and make it a better place by using these cards. Best of all, you pass your card on to someone else so they can help change the worlds and track you card as it moves around the world doing real acts of kindness.

You might be asking yourself, “Why the heck should I buy these cards? I do this stuff already.” And the answer is...Read More