Caramel Sea Salt - Chocohappy Whistler
Chocohappy Whistler

Caramel Sea Salt - Chocohappy Whistler

Caramel dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with Sea Salt

Hard to describe when talking with your mouth full.
Chewy childhood-evoking caramel all dressed up in dark chocolate and just the right amount of sea salt. Best reason ever to grow up.

10 pieces (110g).

Proudly made in Canada with imported Belgian chocolate.

Gives To:

A Local Artist: This  is handmade by a local in Whistler, BC. Amanda, an artist at Giving Gifts & Company, creates every cone of Chocohappy.  

Kids Around the World : Giving Gifts donates to local and international children's charities.  

You'll love this delicious treat! Give it and eat it knowing you are helping to make our world better place!