Detox Mudding Clay Mask
The Healthy Ox

Detox Mudding Clay Mask

Bask in renewed skin with a myriad of globally inspired clays, including mineral rich clay from Canadian glaciers. The Healthy Ox Detox Mudding Clay is a quality mask that may draw out pore-clogging oil, focus on detoxifying, deep cleanse, relieve dryness and may improve skin’s elasticity, firmness, texture and clarity.

250g Jar (Approx. 16 +/- facial mask applications)

Ingredients: Moroccan Lava Clay, Canadian Colloidal Clay

Gives To:

Your Health and the Environment: Handmade with all natural ingredients this mud mask uses natural clay to cleanse your skin! 

Local Artists: This mudding clay mask is made by a local artist in Vancouver, BC that we are proud to feature in our Giving Gifts & Company store. 

 Treat yourself with this clay mask that will leave your skin feeling renewed.