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Tessa Manu

Copy of House Sign 100 Yellow on White Wall - Block Print

Tessa Manu resides in Vancouver, B.C and her photography has grown from a desire to connect on a deeper level, live in the present moment, and share the beauty of small and often overlooked details.

Her photos are captured during her travels around the world and adventures in British Columbia. For Tessa these moments are found while exploring the rugged West Coast, wandering through alleyways in old towns, and climbing up mountain tops.

This photograph was taken in the heritage town Georgetown, on the Penang Peninsula in Malaysia.

This photo is printed on a wooden block. 


Gives To:

A Local Artist: This art is made by a local photographer in Vancouver, BC. Tessa, an artist at Giving Gifts & Company, takes each photo. 

Kids Around the World: Giving Gifts donates to local and international children's charities.  

 This block print will make a great addition to your home on it's own or as an addition to a gallery wall!