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S.W. Basics


For most people, a good toner is an afterthought. But our Toner is an absolutely essential step in our nighttime routine. Organic raw apple cider vinegar helps even skin tone and neutralizes pH, meaning we wake up both less oily AND less dry. 

Ingredients: Water, Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Witch Hazel, Organic Essential Oils of Clary Sage and Sandalwood. 

4 fl oz

Gives To:

Your Health and the Environment: S.W. Basics only uses truly natural ingredients that are certified organic, fair trade, or sourced from family farms.

Plan Canada - Because I am a Girl:
Giving Gifts donates to sponsor a 5 year old girl in Benin.

 S.W. Basics believes that fewer ingredients means gentler skincare. And the simpler your routine the better. This product is effective, easy to use, and made for everyone.