Studio Aroma Rosemary Deodorant
Studio Aroma

Studio Aroma Rosemary Deodorant

Natural-vegan-gentle formula controls underarm odor using only botanical extracts. The selections of essential oils also have antiseptic and antibacterial property to help maintain freshness.

*Aluminum, Paraben & Propylene Glycol free

Gives To:

Your Health and the Environment: Made with Essential Oil ( Rosemary, Cypress, Myrrh), Base Oil ( Sunflower, Aloe Vera ), Green Tea Extract, Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E

Local Artists: This is a gift that is made by a local artist in Vancouver, BC that we are proud to feature in our Giving Gifts & Company store. 

 Your lips will love this all-natural and locally-made lip gloss!