CraftedVan - Panda Magnet

CraftedVan - Panda Magnet

Although small in size, this magnet has a large personality that you can count on to stay where you last left it - regardless how hangry you get!

Each magnet is packaged with a refrigerator friend as seen in photo.

Ideal for:
* refrigerators
* lockers
* chalkboards
* whiteboards
* gifts

Dimensions: Approximately 5-6cm (2-2.4 inches). Varies slightly depending on design.

Gives To:

A Local Artist: This piece is handmade by local designers in Vancouver, Diana and Erica from CraftedVan. Read their artist story here. 


Kids Around the World : Giving Gifts donates to local and international children's charities.  

You!: You'll love this handmade piece of art knowing you are helping to make our world a better place!