Donations for Ruth Golumbia (Barron Bondar)

Donations for Ruth Golumbia (Barron Bondar)

Throughout Ruth's life, gardening was her hobby and passion. She always found a way to grow plants and edibles where ever she went. We know that she has found her new garden in the sky and would like to accept donations to raise money for a memorial contribution to the Canmore Community Gardens.
Giving Gifts website is kindly doing the family a favour by hosting this web page so that people can easily donate on Ruth's behalf. Ruth's husband, Richard, and her children will help the garden choose how to memorialize Ruth's memory through your donations.
If you have questions about making more substantial donations, please contact Benje Bondar or Richard Golumbia. 
Please choose and amount listed below. If you would like to donate multiples of an amount, you will be asked on the next page and can increase the quantity.