Envirosax Roll-Up Bag - Tropics 1

Envirosax Roll-Up Bag - Tropics 1

Bag Dimensions (unrolled): 19.5" x 16.5"
Weight Capacity: 44 lbs
Bag Weight: 1.4 oz.

Gives To:

The Environment - These are an amazing eco-friendly alternative to the disposable shopping bag. The bags are lightweight portable, waterproof and each one holds the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags thanks to reinforced seams. Environmental sustainability is important. Plastic bags clog drains and cause flooding. They pollute rivers and streams, killing animals and destroying plantlife. They take years to photodegrade and have a very short life span.These bags are an amazing alternative to plastic bags which are doing so much damage to our planet. Envirosax donates a percentage of its sales to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, the Surfrider Foundation and the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand. They are all charities dedicated to the preservation of the environment.
Workers in China - Responsibly made in China by a manufacturer that meets all fair trade guidelines.
Carli's Kids - Giving Gifts makes a donation to help build the new Abetavu Children's Village.
You! - These bags are a smart and fun solution to waste. You’ll love this bag and carry it everywhere you go, knowing you’re making a positive contribution to the environment we all share!