Erin Tee
Krochet Kids

Erin Tee

    Impeccably soft and comfortable, this striped crop top is the ideal everyday shirt to relax and feel your best! Made with 100% cotton and direct from the  ‘Cut & Sew’ department in Peru. All KK intl. products are hand-signed by the lady who made it.


    • Made in Peru
    • 100% Cotton
    • 3/4″ Sleeve
    • Striped Crop Top

      Gives To:    

      Plan Canada: Giving Gifts sponsors a 4 year old girl in Benin through Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl Campaign.

      You!  You'll love this amazing shirt! Look for the tag with the name of the woman that made your item. You can write her a thank you note on the Krochet Kids website.