Face + Body Toning Mist
Meow Meow Tweet

Face + Body Toning Mist

Refresh, hydrate and awaken skin with Meow Meow Tweet Face + Body Toning Mist.

Wild harvested witch hazel with organic rose and lavender waters will balance and tone the skin. Gentle essential oils combine in pleasing aromas to repair and protect skin. These sprays are great for dry, itchy or dull skin, and also as a light personal scent.
This Meow Meow Tweet Face + Body Toning Mist with Bergamot Vetiver has a warm, citrus, and earthy scent and is great for dry skin.
Close eyes and spritz onto face and body to tone and hydrate. Separation occurs naturally; shake before use.

+witch hazel distillate
*vegetable glycerin
*rose hydrosol
*lavender hydrosol

essential oils of bergamot & vetiver

*certified organic ingredient / +wild harvested

 2 oz, packaged in a glass bottle with a biodegradable label

Gives To:

Your Health and the Environment: Made purely with only organic ingredients.

Plan Canada - Because I am a Girl:
Giving Gifts donates to sponsor a 5 year old girl in Benin.

You'll love this all-natural toning spray! It's safe and recommended for all skin types.