I Heart Peace Bangle
I Heart Peace Bangle
I Heart Peace Bangle

I Heart Peace Bangle

Each bangle is hand cast and finished and comes with a handwoven organic cotton drawstring pouch and story card. Due to the handmade nature of these bracelets, each piece varies slightly in shape, size and texture. 

Exterior engraving:  I     PEACE 

Interior engraving:   ARTICLE 22 : peaceBOMB

                                  DROPPED + MADE IN LAOS

2.6” diameter, 8.3” circumference


Gives To: 

The Environment: The bag this bracelet comes in is made from 100% organic cotton and dyed with all natural, plant-based dyes. 

Farmers/Artisans in Laos: Every purchase supports the livelihoods of artisans that work according to their own environmentally and culturally sustainable traditions. Handcrafts function as useful quotidian objects, while also representing Lao cultural and artistic traditions. These handcrafts, diversify income sources and present an opportunity for women to become active contributors to the economic well being of their families.
Farmers/artists are paid 4 times the local market rate! This generates opportunities for subsistence farmers doubling as artisans. 

Two levels of donations are made with the purchase of this bracelet. One to the locally-managed Village Development Fund that issues micro-loans to poor families and in small infrastructure projects like the provision of electricity to the school or supplies for other communal areas and second, to a fund co-managed by Rise and Article 22 that donates funds to donates funds to help clear the land in Laos of cluster bombs. 

People in Laos: This bracelet clear 3 meters of bomb littered land safely. This land will now be able to be used for agriculture by the Laos people and is no longer a threat due to cluster munitions. Careful attention is paid to the strongly-entrenched war-scrap metal supply chain and safety of artisans and scrap collectors. 

Kids in Kenya: Giving Gifts donates through Free the Children to help build a school for kids in Kenya. 

You!: This bracelet is truly beautiful! Wear the story and change the future! Buy back the bombs!