Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Lip Balm
Abbey Lane Farms

Lip Balm


Keep your lips moisturized year round with an ample selection of our nourishing All Natural Lip Balms! Beeswax seals in moisture while natural plant oils & butters soften and protect the lips. 

Tinted Balms
Black Cherry Tinted Balm
Cinnamon Tinted Balm
A Tint of Pink Balm
A Tint of Rouge Balm

Untinted Balms
Chocolate Mint Balm
Clary Sage & Lavender Balm
Lavender & Tea Tree Balm
Coconut Lime Balm


Each tube contains 0.15 oz / 4.25 g of lip balm.


Gives To:

Your Health and the Environment: Handmade with natural, organic ingredients, smells awesome and works great! 

Local Artists: This soap is made by a local artist in Vancouver, BC that we are proud to feature in our Giving Gifts & Company store. 

 You'll love this lip balm and so will your skin!