Picture Jasper + Labradorite Mala
Salt and Sage

Picture Jasper + Labradorite Mala

Picture jasper is revered for it’s deep connection to the earth and nature. The nurturing and protective stone, it can bring comfort to its wearer and help to alleviate fears and worries. It can inspire confidence and vision, while keeping you grounded in reality.   

Labradorite is a stone of self-discovery and magic, hoping to awaken inner spirit and intuition. It is a powerful protector of the aura, it also energizes imagination to help creation of new ideas.

  • This mala is made with 6mm semi precious gemstone beads strung on a silk cord.
  • The spacers are 14k gold fill + Japanese glass seed beads.
  • The charm is 14k gold plated on sterling silver.
  • Because of the small variations that occur naturally in gemstones, each piece is unique.

Gives to:

A local artist: Cayla Joss is the owner and designer of Salt + Sage. She designs and creates all her pieces with intention - each one is unique and created with stones that are meant to resonate with the wearer. 

You!: Whether it's a bracelet or necklace you choose, your Salt and Sage piece will be a daily reminder of your chosen message communicated through the properties of the stones.