Push Along Duck
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Push Along Duck

This Push Along Duck aids young children in balance and motor skills. Shaped from a single piece of earth friendly Rubberwood, with smoothly finished edges this whimsical toy is a delight to hold and play with. Rubber wheels protect floors.

Ages 18mos+ Measures 5" x 4" x 1"

Gives To:

Craftsmen in China - Workers are treated with respect and paid fair, living wages. They work in a clean and safe environment and factories are placed close to where the craftsmen live so that they can spend less time traveling and more time with their children. These toys contribute to the growth of many developing nations as they are made in small, mostly family run factories.

The Environment -  This toy is produced using only materials and processes that show respect for the planet and all the people and creatures upon it. It is made from plantation-grown rubberwood that has ended its latex-producing years and would have been cut and burned. Instead it is made into beautiful, heirloom-quality toys. The factories are placed close to the neighborhoods where its craftsmen live so that they can walk or ride their bikes to work each day. Also, factories are placed close to raw materials so that the wood is not shipped back and worth across the world. 

Carli's Kids -  Giving Gifts makes a donation to help build the new Abetavu Children's Village for every purchase.

You! - This is an open-ended, child-safe educational toy  that will inspire children's imagination and introduce them to the wonders of the natural world around them and nurture their sense of discovery.


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