Star Seeker by Barefoot Books
Barefoot Books

Star Seeker by Barefoot Books

Journey through the night sky on a poetic trip that blends adventure, imagination and science to teach the basics of our solar system. Includes endnotes about the planets, stars, moons, constellations and even a little mythology.

Ages 5 to 7 years

Written By: Theresa Heine

Illustrated By: Victor Tavares


Gives To: 

The Environment: Barefoot Books believes that the welfare of our children is dependent on the welfare of the planet, so they source paper from sustainably managed forests and constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact. 
Carli's Kids: Giving Gifts donates to Carli's Kids to help build the new Abetavu Children's village in Uganda. 
You!: An imaginative story that helps teach your kids about the solar system and will help them drift off to pleasant dreams - what's not to love?