Vancouver BC Canvas
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Vancouver BC Canvas

Celebrate the beauty and spirit of the communities we love through this collection of Retro-Style Cityscape images printed onto lovely Spiral-Bound notebooks!  

This is a canvas style print (wrapped over a wooden frame). It is printed onto a special fabric with a velvet-like finish that creates a beautifully finished artwork without the rough weave of a traditional canvas.

8" x 10" art, mounted onto .75" thick wooden frame. 

This image was created from Jeanne's original photographs. She digitally-alters each image. 

Gives To:

A Local Artist: This piece is handmade by a local designer in Vancouver, BC. Jeanne, an artist at Giving Gifts & Company takes all the photos and creates the designs. 

Kids Around the World : Giving Gifts donates to local and international children's charities.  

 You'll love this handmade creation! Give it knowing you are helping to make our world better place!