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Did you know that Giving Gifts has Book Clubs for kids aged 1 to 10? There are over 20 kids that receive a book every month from Giving Gifts. As part of the Giving Gifts Book Club, kids receive a gorgeous and age-appropriate Barefoot Book each month! They will also receive word searches, art activities and discussion questions that go along with each book. This is a gift that will last, as every month, kids get a new package in the mail to open! All books are mailed at the end of each month, unless we receive a special request to ship it sooner. In addition to all the great books the lucky child will receive, a book will also be donated to children in Africa, for each child that joins our Book Clubs. Shipping is just $8 for either a 4 month, 6 month or 10 month book club subscription.  

Give the gift of imagination and literacy! Give a Giving Gifts Book Club Subscription!

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