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Lisa Loves! - Giving Keys: The Stories

Lisa Loves! - Giving Keys: The Stories

I love hearing the stories behind the gifts! Giving Keys are one of my bestsellers. They are old keys that have been engraved by people transitioning out of homelessness and they are meant to be passed on when you feel that someone needs the word more than you do. They make amazing gifts! I always tell people to make sure they post the story of the gift to the Giving Keys Website as the stories on the site are so meaningful to read.

I love hearing the stories from my customers of why they are buying a particular key. Here are some of them: 

I got an email today from a mom looking for a BELIEVE key for her daughter's graduation gift. I am going to special order the exact key she wants. Isn't that the nicest gift idea!

A few days ago a customer bought a STRENGTH key from me for her dad who is suffering from brain cancer.

I often sell DREAM and INSPIRE keys to parents to give to teachers. In fact, I gave a DREAM key to my son's teacher when she moved back to Ireland when her work permit ended. It is her dream (and our dream) that she gets permanent residency in Canada soon so she can come back and teach at his school.

My son reminds me almost daily that he wants to give a BREATHE key to his yoga teacher. He can't wait for the last class of the year, so he can give her a key with the word that she keeps saying to him.

There are so many great stories about Giving Keys! What is yours? I'd love to hear it!


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