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These Little Piggies

Rylan and I tested out Piggy Paint, all natural nail polish and it has impressed us both! Nail polish contains many toxic chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and harmful to the environment. Kids have much softer nails than adults and they often put their fingers in their mouths so painting their nails with water-based colours like Angel Kisses (a soft pink), Twinkle Toes (silver) or even Radioactive (glow in the dark) makes a lot of sense.

Piggy paint are "natural as mud" polishes that both Rylan and I had to agree are fantastic. He loved how easily it went on and how quickly it dried and he loved being an allosaurus  (he's dino obsessed) with purple nails (he chose Candy Coated). I loved how it is pretty well odorless and completely natural and how my nails look just as great today as two weeks ago when I painted them. Piggy Paint also makes a biodegradable, odorless (yes odorless!) polish remover that works really well on their nail polish.

Piggy paint nail polish is more expensive that drugstore brands but it is well worth it knowing that you won't have to worry about toxic chemicals on young hands and feet (or in their mouths!) Check out what nail polish does to a styrofoam plate...

Piggy Paint nail polishes teach your children that beauty and brains do go hand-in-hand! They are the perfect birthday gift for a little girl and a really great idea for a spa-themed birthday party. (Tori Spelling used Piggy Paint at her daughter's Stella's ladybugs themed birthday party.)

Giving Gifts has 14 different colours of Piggy Paint nail polish, including 5 colours from their Planet Earth line aimed at teens.  




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