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2018 Year in Reflection

2018 Year in Reflection

It's the Winter Solstice and today is the first official day of Winter and the first day with more light. Each day, getting lighter and lighter which makes me so happy. As an extrovert with a store, I love lots of light and long evenings where people want to linger longer, talk more and browse slowly before heading home after work. I am getting more and more curious about the power of the universe and the spiritual world and I can see myself drawn to know more. This coming season will be a transformative time as I immerse myself more deeply into the world of crystals and tarot and yoga and more. The goal is for deeper connection and greater spiritual healing and knowing. The store will be joining me for the journey and I hope you will too as we experience a new openness and awareness into this mystical, magical world guided by our intuition and the Feminine Devine. 

I'm sitting in the store as I type this. It's a little break on an otherwise busy day and Christmas shopping season. If you shopped with us this year, I want to say a huge THANK YOU! You inspire me daily to continue doing what I love to do and there is no greater gift than being able to do what you love. I am in love with the store! Giving Gifts is my dream come true (click to read a blog post from before I had the store) and there are many days where I sit in the store in awe that this beautiful space is real. 2018 has been an incredible year for us, with two new FULL-TIME employees (the first full-time employees since we opened 5 years ago), gorgeous new murals all around the store capturing the beauty of the space, a mission statement to capture the essence of the store, a community of over 100 local artists that receive cheques from the store each month, a television segment showcasing our gifts, my first speaking experience (at Small Business BC, with a second one scheduled in March 2019). There have been so many highlights this year but as usual my favourite memory is our annual Birthday Campaign. This year we gave away a Gift a Day! 31 lucky people won gifts to other local businesses. It was so inspiring to see the other small businesses come together and support us to make our 5th year anniversary a true celebration. If you missed this year, make sure to bookmark May 2019 as I already have a fun idea to celebrate our 6th anniversary!

We are headed into what I expect to be our two busiest days of the year. I love the energy in the store in December. I love knowing that people are giving meaningful gifts, gifts that are locally made, fairly made and eco friendly, gifts that are creating a movement of positive change and gifts their friends and family will love! I love knowing that I've had a small part in making your holidays perfect. I hope you enjoy special moments and create beautiful memories this holiday season. I hope you also take the time to reflect on the past year and the growth and change you've experienced. And while you are at, create some intentions for 2019. Ask yourself the question, what would I love? All the answers are found in that holiest of questions. For me the answers are clear, I love the thought of diving deeper into spirituality, I love the idea of a busy thriving Giving Gifts (December year-round!) and I love challenging myself with new experiences and travel. I love looking back on how far I (and the store) have come, but even better, I love looking forward to all the magic to come. 

Thanks for Giving Gifts! Thank you for making a difference in the world through your gifts! May 2019 be full of wonderful blessings and beautiful gifts for all, 



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