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New Blabla Dolls Have Arrived at Giving Gifts!

 Blablas Have Arrived at Giving Gifts!




I just received a new batch of Blabla dolls (they are actually more like stuffed animals, but the most beautiful handmade stuffed animals), Blabla Dream Rings and Mobiles and Blabla Bird Rattles and School Book Rattles. If you haven't met a Blabla doll, you are missing out. They are all designed by the same woman, Florence Wetterwald, but are handknit in Peru by amazingly talented Peruvian artists who are recognized for their exceptional work, treated ethically and paid fairly. Blabla dolls are handknit of out exceptional quality cotton that makes them so soft and beautiful. Deanna from Maple Leaf Mommy won a Blabla doll and here is what she had to say about it:

"Last week I lucked out and won a Blabla doll from Canadian Natural Mama Reviews.

I let G-Girl pick which one she wanted. Personally I would have went with this guy (Peeko), but she choose Lee Lee Plum.

If I had any sense I would have picked out a Blabla doll and then tucked it away for a Christmas gift.  As it was though, G-Girl had a blast picking out her doll and waiting for her to arrive.

Lee Lee arrived in today’s mail and was an instant hit. G-Girl insisted on toting her everywhere.  I was really impressed by the quality of this doll.  She is so amazingly soft and cuddly. The seams and stitching appear to be quite sturdy. I think she is going to hold up well.  I love that she's  machine washable. G-Girl likes the bright colours and the crazy pink knobs on the top of Ms. Plum’s head, which she insists are extra ears.
I was impressed with how quickly it arrived. I love that Giving Gifts is a Canadian company, so you don’t have to worry about paying duty. The card that came in the package reminded me that my Blabla doll was hand knit by women in Peru that are” paid fairly for their work and treated with respect”.  Also it is “made with natural fibers, 100% exceptional quality very soft cotton”.  And with every purchase Giving Gifts makes a donation to help build the new Abetavu children’s village in Uganda.

Lee Lee Plum retails for $36.  Would I have bought her if I didn’t win her?  To be honest, probably not.  But now, having touched the doll and seen her in person, I would definitely consider purchasing another Blabla doll as a gift.  I can't get over how soft, squishy, yet sturdy the doll is and  I love the unique shapes.

The bird shaped handknit baby rattles in the Blabla line also look adorable.  I’m seriously considering picking one up for Baby-G."

Blabla dolls are really gorgeous. The dream rings and mobiles are spectacular as well. I can just imagine a little girl telling all her wishes and dream to her mermaid every night and the owl is so classic and would look great in an owl or nature themed nursery. I think the sheep mobile is the perfect gift for a new baby - especially for those parents that have a neutral nursery because they aren't finding out if they are having a girl or a boy.

My absolute favourite Blablas though are Lola the Rocker and Otto the Rocker - what a cool pair!

These new Blabla dolls, rattles, dream rings and mobiles won't last long. Choose your favourites quickly before they find another new home.

Lovey's Tushi Stick

My friend Marcie Weinstein Smith just came out with a fantastic new product that I'm proud to sell at Giving Gifts. Lovey's Tushi Stick is the amazing natural diaper ointment.

 Gives To:

The Environment and Your Health -  All natural diaper ointment for your baby's tushi. Use it with every diaper change to create a barrier that helps prevent wetness from irritating your baby's skin. This refreshing smelling ointment moisturizes with all natural oils and essential oils. 

Carli's Kids - Giving Gifts makes a donation to help build the Abetavu Children's village for street kids in Uganda.

You! Lovey's Tushi Stick is a soothing and all natural and perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. It smells amazing and can be used safely with cloth diapers. You'll love it!

Earth Hour 2011
It is Earth Hour tomorrow, March 26th, 2011 from 8:30 to 9:30pm. Switch off your lights for sure, but better yet, turn off your computer, unplug your tv, unplug your kettle, toaster, cell phone chargers, etc... spend some time in the dark and unpluged during Earth Hour. I read that Toronto had a 15% decrease in power during Earth Hour last year, while Vancouver only had a 1.2% decrease, so we are going to work harder this year! My husband and I are going out to eat at one of the local restaurants that is serving dinner by candlelight (romance is an added bonus) and serving a mostly raw and local menu. I heard that earth hour is celebrated in 128 countries and territories - it is amazing that so many people around the world are all making a difference for the planet. I love the idea of Earth Hour and hope that this commitment to the environment will get people thinking and acting beyond 9:30pm tomorrow night. 

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