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Being Canadian

To me being Canadian is lots of things, but one of the ones I think of right away is hockey and skating and Tim Hortons (of course!). On Saturday, our entire family went ice skating for the first time. Rylan is 4 and is getting pretty good at skating. He isn't nearly as great as 90% of the kids he plays hockey with that "zoom past him" (his words), but he is definitely getting better and can push with one foot. He just needs to work on getting his second one going. Jadeyn is 3 and her first time on the ice ever was on Saturday, she was so excited to try skating with her hockey skates with pink laces (thanks Marle!). She held onto the giant plastic walker-type thing the entire time while we pushed her around. I think she was a little shocked at how hard it was to skate. Her feet kept slipping out from under her, even while she held on for dear life. Myelle spent her time on the ice being pushed around in the stroller with a giant helmet on her head. Skating is such a fun family activity - we all had a blast. 

I wasn't completely kidding about Tim Hortons. We've gotten into a bad habit of having donoughts (Canadian spelling!) for breakfast  every Sunday morning after Rylan's 7:15am hockey practice. Here's a link to Tim Hortons sustainability report. I've got to start bringing a container for the donoughts, so I don't waste one of their boxes every week and then I can feel a little better about my carb and fat consumption. At least I'm being Canadian! 

Lisa Loves! - Being Canadian

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