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Birthday Parties!

With three kids, we go to a lot of birthday parties! At the school my kids attend, it is expected that you will invite the entire class. While it is a lovely idea, I think it puts a lot of pressure on families, as the party is bound to be expensive - no one can host that many kids in their home and everyone wants to do something unique to make their party special. We got around that this year with my son by having a party just for the boys, but even then there were almost 20 kids at his party. Luckily, it wasn't held in our home! 

In March, my kids are invited to 7 birthday parties! I love going to birthday parties with my kids and I am really lucky, as it is easy for me to find the perfect gift. My son is 5 now and it is fun to involve him in the process of choosing what his friends will like. We talk about what they like playing at school, what they like reading, how much they like art, etc... and we are always able to find the perfect gift at Giving Gifts. Here are some of the gifts we'll be giving this month and please remember Giving Gifts if you are looking for birthday gifts. Lisa is always happy to help you pick out the perfect gift. 

For the girl that loves doing art - Glitter Pie Art Studio 

$25 and the perfect art kit in a box that an artsy girl (or boy) will love. One kit makes 4 projects and each Glitter Pie kit is different. 

For the Princess/Fairy-Type - Piggy Paint Nail Polish 

Last week everyone in my daughter's Preschool 3 class dressed up. There are 6 girls in the class and 5 of them were princesses or fairies and my daughter was Batman (she's never seen Batman and really has no idea who he is but she got to wear her brother's t-shirt and a cape and didn't have to go near a dress, so that was perfect for her!) Piggy Paint is the perfect gift for most girls (even for my daughter - her toenails are always painted.) It is all natural and has no smell, so parents will thank you and the birthday girl will love it!

$28 to $30 for a Piggy Paint Giftset, or $10 a bottle 

For the Girl or Boy that Loves to Get Dirty, Plan in the Sand/Go to the Beach - Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Set

The last party we went to was at an indoor beach and I couldn't have wished for a more perfect gift! I think this beach set is great for many reasons, but the best one is that it will get used every single day in the bath. It is absolutely perfect for bath time with the cups and scoops and if it makes it to the beach, that is even better. It is made in the US out of corn and is so much better for the environment than plastic. 

$22 and The Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Set is absolutely the perfect gift for both girls and boys 

For Boys and Girls that love Imaginative Play, Farm and Zoo Animals - Anamalz

Anamalz makes great gift sets but you can also make your own. Put together any combination of 2 or 3 Anamalz and you've the perfect birthday gift. Giving Gifts will automatically include a special Anamalz drawstring bag with every purchase of 3 Anamalz or more. You can always request one for a smaller order as well. A couple Anamalz in their special bag is a really great gift. Anamalz also make a really great addition to another gift, ie: if you found a book about zoo anamalz that you are giving, include an Anamalz Elephant and you'll have a great present. 

$10 to $40 for the Anamalz Giftsets

For Boys and Girls that Go to School and Bring a Lunch - Yubo Lunchboxes

Yubo Lunchboxes are one of my favourite gifts to give. There are 18 different faceplate options, so it is easy to find something that suits the unique personality of every child. Most kids are thrilled to receive a new, very cool lunchbox and their parents are too. Over the years, there have been a couple of kids that are resistant to give up their vinyl superhero lunchbag but those moms have come up with great ways to use their Yubo lunchboxes. One mom packed hers with crayons and colouring paper and now has the perfect craft kit for restaurants. Another child is using his to store all his magic tricks. Even those families were thrilled with receiving a lunchbox as a birthday present and one day if their child "sees the light" all it will take is a good scrub to turn it back into a lunchbox. Yubo lunchboxes will last forever, unlike vinyl lunchbags and they come with an ice pack and all the containers. It is a gift both kids and their parents will love! 

$32,Yubo Lunchboxes include a faceplate of your choice, an ice pack and 3 containers

For the Active Boy or Girl - Sprig Dolphin Explorer Boat

A friend of mine, gives this Sprig boat to every birthday child. She thinks it is the world's greatest bath toy and really wants every kid to have one. This Boat is really neat because it is made of Sprigwood and it floats. It comes with a smaller boat, two dolphins and a little scuba diving man, so it is an entire playset in one box ready for giving. 

$32, Sprig Boat includes everything pictured above 

For Any Child - Cate & Levi Puppets and Purse Pals

I love Cate&Levi items. They are all 1 of a Kind which I think is so special when you are giving a gift and they are all made in Canada from reclaimed wool. I especially love the puppets and the purse pals.  The only problem with Cate&Levi, is that since each item is unique, you may receive an item with different fabric than the one pictured. If you would like to choose exactly which fabric colours you'd like, then please be in touch with Lisa at or 604-831-7780 and she'll be pleased to describe the choices currently in stock. 

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