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Lisa Loves

Lisa Loves! - PlanToys!

My love affair with PlanToys started pretty well as soon as I had kids. For his first birthday, we gave my son, the PlanToys parking garage. We had seen it a few friend's houses and they all commented on what a great toy it was. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I decided my son needed a present that would occupy a lot of his time when the new baby came. After much research, I decided that a PlanToy Road and Rail Set  (pictured below) was the perfect gift for a big brother. The day his sister arrived, he received his two best presents ever (not including his other sister, of course!) 

For his second birthday we bought him the PlanToy Road and Rail Adventure Set (not pictured) which is a really cool gift, but definitely better for older kids. Most of the set has been sitting in a box in storage for the last couple of years, but now that we have a playroom again, I'm thinking of bringing it back out and glueing the track pieces together to make it sturdier and easier for the kids to play with. We have many PlanToys that have been very well used. The original road and rail set and parking garage and eco town are set-up daily in the playroom.

They take up practically all the space in the playroom and the kids will play for hours coming up with intricate stories about where people are going and what they need to do along the way. We also have an amazing PlanToys dollhouse that is almost fully furnished. We are missing a bathroom and a bedroom for the parents (we have bunk beds for the kids), but we even have a veggie garden because eating fresh vegetables is always important. Sometimes the veggie garden is combined with the eco town set, because it is always nice to have a farm just outside the city. 

PlanToys are absolutely beautiful to look at and to play with. They are toys I feel great about owning and am very proud to sell. Select PlanToys are currently 30% off, included in this sale is the Road and Rail Set and the Eco Town Set - both amazing gifts that my kids and I love! 
Lisa Loves! - Plan Toys

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