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Lisa Loves

Lisa Loves - 10%

Some businesses spend 10% of their sales on advertising in order to get more sales, some businesses spend 10% of their sales improving their business, getting new products, etc... and some businesses don't even think about a special 10%. But at Giving Gifts, that 10% is always on my mind, as 10% of sales are donated. Giving Gifts was started with the idea of giving to as many people as possible. Each purchase should be a gift for yourself or the person you are buying it for, a gift in the way it was made, ie: both socially and environmentally responsibly and then a bonus gift in the form of a donation to someone in need. My original idea was that each product would support a different charity, but it didn't take long to realize that Giving Gifts is just a small business and the way to have the most impact was to pick a couple of charities where the donations would make a difference. 

Carli's Kids was the first charity I got excited about supporting. I love Carli Travers story. She is a local woman, from the Lower Mainland, that moved to Uganda and adopted 12 street children. She has been working for years to raise enough money to purchase land and build the Adetavu Children's Village that will eventually house 100 street kids, cared for in small family units by grandmothers and aunties. Carli is in the middle of a campaign to raise $50,000 by the end of June to build the Main House. If 1000 people each donate $50, she will reach her goal. You can read more about Carli and the kids and donate here. Giving Gifts just donated $250 to help Carli and her family move into their new home. We've donated almost $1000 to Carli's Kids in the last two years. 

Carli's Kids is just one of the projects Giving Gifts donates to on a regular basis. Giving Gifts is also a proud supporter of Free the Children and their quest to build schools for kids in Kenya. I am hoping that we can coordinate our own campaign to build a school soon. (I am just waiting on Free the Children to work out the kinks in the system and give us the go-ahead.) Giving Gifts also donates to a few local schools and other charities in Vancouver. We are always looking for ways to give.

Of course, all our donations mean that I don't advertise Giving Gifts as much as I should and that I donate rather than printing new business cards.  So if you are looking for a business card, you'll have to wait, as I just ran out. The kids needed the money more!

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