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Lisa Loves

Top 10 Barefoot Books for 2012!

These books aren't ranked - just a list of my 10 favourite Barefoot Books that our family has appreciated in 2012. 

1. The Kite Princess - This book has beautiful pictures and the story is so lovely - it is all about being who you are. Even if that means being a kite princess when you parents are the king and queen. Eventually, they will see the truth and join you in flying! (Perfect for 2 to 6 year old girls.)

2. There's a Cow in the Cabbage Patch - MOO, MOO, MOO! This book is so fun! All the animals are in the wrong spot and how they get back to their proper place is adorable! The rhyming text is so cute and Clare Beaton is the best! Her felt pictures are amazing! (Perfect for ages 1 to 5)

3. Yoga Pretzels - Okay, I lied! These aren't a book, but they are 50 amazing yoga cards! Buy them! You'll love them! All kids love them! All adults love them! They are amazing! (Perfect for ages 1.5 to adults)

4. Over in the Meadow - This book is so great! The song is adorable, the pictures are so cute and all the extra teaching (counting, meadow animals, etc...) make me love it even more! A book with CD for $10 (less if you use a coupon code!) you can't go wrong. (Perfect for ages 1 to 4). 

5. Barefoot Books World Atlas - This Atlas is stunning!!! The pictures are amazing! If you take the time to read it, you'll find everything you'd ever want to know about the world with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Even if you don't take the time to read it, you'll love it! There are quick "Did You Know" flaps to lift and a fold out map in the back of the book. The pictures are so beautiful, you can spend hours starring at them. (Perfect for ages 5 to adults). 

6. My Mama Earth - I have never seen a nicer book in my life!!! The pictures in this book are unbelievable and the prose is simple and so moving. It is the perfect gift for a new mom, or an old mom or any mom! (Perfect for Every Mom!) 

7. I Took the Moon For a Walk - This book has simple rhyming poetry-like story. The pictures are really calming and lovely. It is a great bedtime story that helps make the world at night more friendly. There are also great notes at the back of the book about the world and the moon at night. (Perfect for ages 1 to 6).

8. Tales of Wisdom and Wonder - We listened to this CD 3 times today. My son can't get enough of this book. Hugh Lupton is a very talented storyteller. He'll have you captivated listening to every story. The stories and lessons found in them, can be understood on many different levels. (Perfect for ages 6 to 12). 

9. We're Sailing to the Galapagos - I happen to love the Galapagos Islands! This introduces a different animal that lives in the Galapagos Islands every day of the week. The pictures are awesome - made from cut-outs and the extra pages of info at the back of the book just add to how great this book is! (Perfect for ages 3 to 8)

10. Baby's First Book - If I had to choose a favourite book, this would be it!!! This book is amazing! Clare Beaton's pictures will keep you and your baby/toddler/preschooler captivated for hours. There is something new to love on every page! From the clothes you wear in winter and summer to fruits and veggies, to ABCs and numbers and shapes. There are even some popular nursery rhymes. This book is the perfect new baby gift! (Perfect for newborns to age 4).

I guarantee that you'll LOVE all these books! The only thing that will make you love them even more is a discount code! Use the code: TWENTY13 for 20% OFF all these book and more at Barefoot Books.

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