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Lisa Loves

Lisa Does Not Love.... Made in China!

 Itzy Ritzy - Reuasable Snackbags:

I have been waiting months for a new shipment of Itzy Ritzy snackbags and was so disappointed when they finally arrived! The new patterns are great! There is nothing cuter than the Dino-Mite print, or the Monkey Mania, or the Big Top Dot...ah... it is too hard to decide. I have so many snackbags in both mini and the regular size now in stock but they are going very quickly and I won't be re-ordering them as they are now made in China, rather than the USA. They have been made in the USA since I started Giving Gifts 2.5 years ago. I am so sad to see a company change their production to China. Even worse, each of the new snackbags I received, was individually wrapped in a plastic bag. I couldn't believe it! A plastic bag! The very thing that they are trying to help reduce. I contacted the company immediately, of course, and was told that:

"Unfortunately, there are very few cut and sew factories in the USA and while we do continue to support our domestic factory, they are at full capacity. In China, we work with well established factories with high-safety standards and fair labor who employ high quality, skilled sewers. We import forecasted quantities for our domestic accounts and can ship directly to our international distributors which actually reduces carbon footprint. We welcome any additional data or resources you have, as we take great pride in our company, our products and our country"

I find it hard to believe that all the factories are full in the USA! When I questioned them further about the bags arriving wrapped in plastic, I got this response:

"The snack bags are individually wrapped so we can ensure a clean and undamaged product arrives to our boutiques and customers. This helps to keep the quality of our products high and reduce the waste of returns and exchanges."

This I find interested as well, as I have ordered thousands of snackbags over the past 2.5 years and not one of them ever had to be returned, ever! Not one arrived dirty or damaged or broken or stained or torn or anything... I guess it is harder to control that coming all the way from China.

I will be searching for another brand of snackbag to carry at Giving Gifts. I'd love to hear your recommendations of brands you love that are made in Canada or the USA with a zippered closure. If you were hoping to get Itzy Ritzy bags through Giving Gifts, grab them soon. The bags are flying out of here much quicker than they made it here from China!

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