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Lisa Loves

My Favourite Books!

I've been an Ambassador for Barefoot Books for exactly one year. It has been incredible to be part of such a friendly and supportive community, but the biggest thing I've enjoyed are the books! They truly are very special. Here are some of my favourite books that my kids and I have enjoyed this year:

1. Ruby's School Walk - This is my new favourite! I am sending this book to three of the Giving Gifts Book Club kids for October. Ruby has a huge imagination so this book it lots of fun to read. This book is also great for kids that are anxious about things or worry a lot. Ruby's mom is logical and has all the answers to calm Ruby and her wild imagination. Ruby has three books - Ruby's Sleepover, Ruby's Baby Brother and Ruby's School Walk. Best for kids aged 3 to 6


2. World Atlas - We were at Science World today and they had an exhibit by UpGyres on marine plastic pollution. My 6 year old son starting talking about the Great Pacific garbage patch and the project director was in shock that he knew all about it. He knows so much about the world and about the environment and sustainability from this World Atlas. Every child should own a copy! Best for kids aged 5 to 12 On sale for only $15.99 until the end of September.


3. Starlight Sailor - The big Board Book format of this book makes it such a lovely gift. The pages are such nice quality and the pictures are calming and beautiful. It is such a beautiful bedtime story and it includes instructions for how to make a paper boat. Best for ages 0 to 4. This book will be featured at our first Storytime at the Giving Gifts & Company Store on Tuesday, October 15th at 10:00am. (4570 Main St, Vancouver)


4. Jewish Tales - I'm Jewish, so of course I love this book! Barefoot Books did a great job of putting together a beautiful collection of stories. Everyone I share it with is in love too. The intro is so lovely as it tells through a story, the importance of sharing stories and passing them down from generation to generation. All 8 stories in Jewish Tales have wonderful lessons and morals from Jewish tradition to share. Lessons about kindness and taking care of others and being the best version of yourself and finding beauty in the imperfections, truly each story deserves to be shared and discussed over and over again. Best for ages 4 to 12


5. Bilingual Bear Books - My Sister-In Law, Nancy, reminded me of these books today. Her son is in French Immersion, so these books are perfect for him. I graduated from French Immersion in Toronto and my husband is bilingual because he grew up in Ottawa, so I am regretful that my kids likely won't learn French in Vancouver, like I did in Ontario. I'm going to get them a set of the 8 Bear Books so we can practice French with them in our home.  Best for ages 3 to 8

Barefoot Books is having a sale this weekend, so all the books are 20% OFF with the coupon code: AUTUMN All orders over $60 always ship for free, so this is an especially great time to place an order!




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