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Are you proud of your coffee cup? JOCO Reusable Cups

Are you proud of your coffee cup? JOCO Reusable Cups

Vancity, a local credit union in Vancouver (that has a display advertising Giving Gifts right now), has a brilliant advertising campaign. They have posters everywhere that say "Are you proud of where you bank?" It is so true - banking at Vancity does make you proud that you bank there. It is a local credit union that supports small businesses. I'm proud that I bank there!

It is the same way I feel every time I use my JOCO coffee cup. Someone always asks me about it and I am so proud of my coffee cup!

It all started last summer, every time I would go for my morning run, I'd count the number of people with disposable coffee cups versus the number with reusable coffee cups. I called it the #coffeecupcount on Facebook and the stats were often the same - around 20 disposable cups to one reusable cup. I always felt like giving a high-five to the people with the reusable cups and telling them how awesome I thought they were for caring enough to bring their own cup. The number of people that use a cup just to throw it out has become so common that no one thinks about it at all. I am hoping that pretty soon, people will start to think about disposable cups, the same way they think about disposable water bottles. It isn't socially acceptable to be carrying bottled water anymore. I'd love to see the same thing happen to all those notorious white disposable cups so that they become obsolete as well.

Annually, 220 billion paper cups are used worldwide and those figures are rising by the millions each year.* That’s a lot of trees cut down every year for the sake of convenience.

When I realized how much waste we were creating with disposable cups, I made a vow that if I didn't have a reusable cup with me, I wouldn't buy coffee and I stuck to it (most of the time.) I also went on a quest to find the best reusable cup on the market so that my customers could help change those stats. The cup needed to be cool enough that you'd want to carry it around, super easy to clean and be fun and easy to use like a disposable cup. I was thrilled to find JOCO Glass Reusable Cups! They are everything you could ever want in a reusable coffee cup and more! JOCO coffee cups are cups to be proud of! JOCO users are a collective of coffee drinkers that are proud that they can help the environment without compromising taste and style. They really are the best cups!

JOCO cups are thoughtfully designed. They are available in 3 standard coffee cup sizes. 8oz, 12oz and 16oz and are available in a variety of fun colours. They are made from glass with a silicone top. They feel great to hold and even the hottest coffee won't hurt your hand thanks to the thermal silicone sleeve.


Lisa Loves - JOCO Cups!


*Stat from JOCO website.

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