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Gifts that Give: Black Creatives Collection

Gifts that Give: Black Creatives Collection

When I started Giving Gifts almost 10 years ago, my goal was to carry brands that are changing the world. My vision for Giving Gifts has always been for it to be an inspiring collective of people and gifts that are making a difference. I want our customers to know that when they shop at Giving Gifts, their money is going towards making our world a better place.  

With the increased awareness recently that all lives can't matter until Black Lives Matter, I made it a goal to increase the number of Black Creatives we support at Giving Gifts. Why is this important? Supporting Black-owned businesses is one way to redistribute wealth in the fight for racial and financial equality. Supporting Black-Owned Businesses means supporting Black communities. One of our principles at Giving Gifts is "buy the change you want to see in the world" and racial and financial equality is one important change we would definitely love to see. 

Here are a list of the Black Artists and their businesses you will currently find at the store: 

Bayoush - Devi Arts Collective (Jewelry)
Roshaan - Mokajade Designs (Wooden Magnet Boards, Magnets, Cufflinks & Tie Clips)
Annya - NaturalAnnie's Essentials (Candles)
Collin, Ryan and Austin (three brothers ages 14, 12 and 9) - Freres Branchiaux (Candles & Room Spray)
Nathifa - Juicy Christians Studio (Cards)
Tina - Buddha Babe Co (Face Masks & Baby Blankets)  

And two more coming soon: 
Kathy - Milked Artisan (Soaps)
Cheryl - Please Notes (Journals, which we've had in the past and sold out)

Here is the Black Creatives Collection to find everything in one place. 

I love that I have discovered amazing new brands that fit so perfectly with the store as a result of looking outside of my usual lense. And more than that, I love the incredible people I have met as a result. All the new artists that we've placed orders with have been so thankful.  I look forward to continuing to expand the Black Creatives Collection as more people prioritize social impact when they shop for gifts.

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