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Hygge Family Box - Spring Box

Hygge Family Box - Spring Box

You can now officially place your order for The Hygge Family Box

Bre and Stina from The Mind Full Mommies and Giving Gifts have been planning The Hygge Family Box for months and when COVID-19 changed our lives and I closed the storefront, we had a discussion about whether it was still the time to launch. We came to the conclusion that we all love what we put together in the box. It is the essence of Hygge which is needed at this time more than ever and it supports local artists and businesses which is also needed at this time more than ever. Hygge (hue-gah), a Danish term, is all about bringing warmth and coziness into your home and this box is full of beautiful gifts that will do just that. But more than that, Hygge is all about togetherness and special family memories and in the box you'll find 10 activity sheets we created and a 30 day Hygge Family Challenge that we know will help keep your kids entertained and everyone enjoying family time at home together. 


Here is a bit more info: 

The Hygge Family Box is a curated selection of our favourite local gifts aimed to bring families together delivered right to you! They are all beautiful gifts all made by local artists that we use in our homes, and with our own families, to create a warm and inviting environment filled with special meaningful moments.

As educators, it is important to us that we included guided creative activities we know you and your kids will love! There are instructions for 10 hands-on activities in the Spring box that you can do right away (they are very easy, we promise). They use the items in the box in new and creative ways. There is also a very special 30 day Hygge Challenge to take part in with the other families that receive this box. We are excited for you to join us online as we do the Hygge Family Challenge together! We know you are going to love it! 

The Family Hygge Box will help you effortlessly spend quality time with your loved ones while learning and trying new things together along the way. So grab your family, open The Family Hygge Box and let's get Hyggelig (hue-gah-lee)!


The Details: 

  • A box full of gifts perfect to practice Hygge in Spring and all year round 
  • 8 to 10 full-sized local items that align with our mission to bring families together 
  • Retail value of over $250 for only $110 
  • All items are perfect for this time of social distancing 
  • Ideal for families with kids ages 2 to 12 
  • The perfect gift that can be mailed directly to another family 
  • Includes the Hygge Family Challenge with 30 activities to do as a family. Join our online community completing the challenges together. 
  • 10 activity sheets that will guide you through many fun ways to use the items in the box
  • Instructions on how to bring more Hygge into your home. 
  • Best of all, beautiful memories for years to come!

We aren't telling you everything in the box just yet, but every Spring Box will include a set of Everlasting Candles of your choice (including handmade glass vessel and mineral oil). You can likely guess from the pictures some of the other items that are included. 

Curious and want more details? Reach out to Lisa at
The Hygge Family Box - Spring Box will ship/be delivered mid-April. There are limited number of boxes so order yours today! 

What is Hygge by Bre & Stina: 

There is no English word that directly translates from the Danish word Hygge (Hue-gah). It is often related to coziness during the colder months however to us Hygge means creating warmth, love, and togetherness by spending time with the ones you love all year round. 

Growing up, Hygge was always a part of our lives but we didn't come to realize how special and unique the practice of Hygge was until we were busy adults with our own families. In today's world things are moving fast and taking the time to be present and spend time together as a family takes conscious effort and practice. We appreciate that our families prioritized Hygge and we have done the same for our children. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for other families to do the same. We love what is including in the Spring Family Hygge Box and know that it will bring warmth and comfort to your home and create togetherness and special memories for you and your loved ones. 

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